How To Make A Website: DONE!

Today I finished the first course in the Web Design track, “How To Make A Website.”
The site included 3 pages, including a faux portfolio of design work. It was pretty fun to make and got me kind of excited for the rest of the courses in the track.

My actual Twitter handle is ceritadoesit Follow me!
I’m still in the 2 week free trial period, but, so far, I feel pretty good about my choice in signing up with Treehouse. It has a nice balance of video tutorials, hands-on practice, and quizzing. The videos aren’t too fast or too slow (there’s even a playback speed control), the activities reinforce what was in the videos and the work you did following along with them, and the quizzes
I also really like the badges. Seeing the achievement badges pop up at the end of each section makes it feel more like a game. All of the points you get add up and show up on your profile page as a visual of how much you’re learning. My profile is all HTML and CSS right now, but that’ll change pretty soon when I move forward in the track and onto JavaScript.
One course down, 10 to go!



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