I Got My Bootstrap Badge!

My goal was to reinforce all of the HTML and CSS I’ve been learning so that I can start to build up my own website (or, you know, at least make this blog semi-attractive). I ended up doing the Make A Website project on Codecademy, which is where I learned a bulk of HTML and CSS in the first place, to create a faux company site then modify into a personal site. I got to layout the sections of the site with HTML, then style it up a bit with CSS. You know, the basic stuff. And just when I thought I was done, they threw something new at me.


Bootstrap is a free collection of tools that basically makes it fast and easy to make websites prettier. It contains templates for things like the navigation bar, forms, and even scales your websites on different device sizes. Bootstrap also works with JavaScript somehow, but I haven’t gotten quite that far yet.

It was a very basic intro to Bootstrap, so I kind of wish there was more to it or another course for it. But, now, I plan on finishing the Web Design track on Team Treehouse which includes Sass, a CSS extension (also known as CSS with superpowers).


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