JavaScript Foundations : Strings

I’m going to be honest: JavaScript Foundations is kind of boring. I feel like there is a lot of information but not enough hands on practice for me to feel like I’m learning anything I can use. This section on strings, for example, seems like it should take less than 6 hours to explain (that’s the estimated time to complete the course).

A string is text that is enclosed in quotes. The quotes tell the computer that the characters in between them are not part of the executable code. There are rules for using quotes, escape clauses for some of those rules, and methods you can use to manipulate them.



In all honesty, once I got to this point I decided I’d just skip the videos and go straight to the challenges and quizzes. It was more engaging for me to have to guess or search for the methods they asked me about than it was to sit through more videos.

I am a fan of Treehouse taking care to explain how and why things happen the way they do in JavaScript, but with this particular course, I wish there was more hands on, learning-while-doing going on. I took the free parts of the JavaScript course on CodeAvengers which was more along those lines. While you’re learning JavaScript, you’re building a functioning game at the same time. That’s what I feel is missing from the Treehouse course.

I am going to check out their updated JavaScript Basics course, which I hear is going to replace Fundamentals at some point. From the course description, it teaches basically all of the same things and the courses are just as long, but adds building an actual program along with the use of Workspaces (the built-in text editor).


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