Designing HTML E-Mails

This week, I completed the HTML E-mail Design course on Team Treehouse where I learned how to build a mobile-friendly e-mail from scratch using HTML and CSS.

The other day, I opened up one of the e-mails I got from subscribing to Skillcrush and was inspired to recreate it. The e-mail was a simple one column layout, featuring one main photo. There was a lot of text in the e-mail as well, but the text featured about a dozen links back to the Skillcrush site, which is a pretty smart move in my opinion. I get lots of e-mails from retail sites that have all of the info in one huge image.

I tend to check my e-mail when I’m mobile and I almost never choose to view the images since they’ll take too long to load and they rarely fit my phone’s screen. When I get e-mails from Skillcrush, however, the one or two missing images doesn’t keep me from getting the message and clicking through to the site.

So, here is my recreation of the e-mail.

Although I look forward to feeling comfortable designing everything from scratch, being able to study and recreate an existing design works out much better for me than aimlessly building. I just hope that they don’t mind!

I’ve been having fun with taking more courses outside of my track lately. In addition to this one, I’ve finished the SEO Basics course.


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