Project Progress

This past week, I’ve been getting acquainted with Github.

I installed the Github for Windows GUI, which made it a lot less intimidating. I can create and clone repositories right from my desktop. After a week, Github doesn’t seem scary at all anymore.

I even set up my own webpage with it!

Speaking of repositories, I created some out of a few (unfinished) projects. They are hosted as github pages with actual links you can use to view them.

The first one I tried was Google, as I mentioned a few posts back. I still have to fix quite a bit to get the logo and search bar correct (I do like my purple sign in button though!).

The next one I tried was a clone of Forever 21‘s website.

I was pretty disappointed in how those two were turning out. With the Google clone especially, it should have been an easy task and it kind of blows that it wasn’t for me. But,on the other hand, I may have over-complicated it.

With the Forever 21 site, even though I was cloning an existing site, I didn’t really have a plan for how I would set up my code. As soon as I had a few HTML elements, I went straight to CSS.

And, today, I tried my hand at cloning the Apple website. I felt a bit more comfortable working with the CSS than I did on the other two and I coded it up a bit quicker  too, which screams “progress” to me. It’s definitely not perfect, but, if it were, I’d probably be Apple’s front-end developer right now (hint:I’m not).



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