On Wednesday, I participated in @CodeNewbie‘s live tweet for the first time. One of the questions they asked was about our learn-to-code goals for the year. I know I mentioned before that my main goal right now is to finish the Front-End track on Treehouse, but during the chat, I thought of some other important goals worth mentioning.


I’ve lacked in the focus department so far. There are just so many things to learn that I get a little to excited and try to learn everything all at once. That’s why I decided that I’ll be dedicating time to finishing just this one track first. I can and will  learn “all of the things,” just one thing at a time.


I suffer from a bit of “imposter syndrome.” From calling myself an “aspiring” developer to my perfectionist tendencies, it often feels like I’ll never be quite there. My non-techie friends will tell me I’m great, but I look at things my techie friends build and feel like I’ll never measure up.

But I learned during this live tweet session is that the community is so welcoming and helpful. Not only that, but many of them, including people who already do this for a living, sometimes feel the same way I do!

One great piece of advice I received is that I should find someone I trust to give me constructive feedback on what I’m doing and build on that. Other than following a bunch of other devs and (devs-in-training) on Twitter, I haven’t really put myself out there to make connections or get feedback. That’s something that I definitely will change this year.

A J.O.B.

My ultimate goal for the year is to land my first job as a designer or developer.

In order to make that happen, I think I’ll have to conquer the other things first. It’ll be hard to ace an interview if I can’t even walk into the room feeling confident about what I do know, don’t you think?


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