Sasstronaut + WordPress

So I got into kind of a “what now?” slump after finishing the Front End track. I didn’t feel like I knew “enough” to confidently move forward with something else, and I felt too creatively stumped to design a project for myself. But I knew I didn’t want to stop. That’s when I started the Web Design track.

The last course in the track was Sass Basics. I’ve seen terms like Sasstronaut all around since I’ve started learning, and I was pretty excited to add myself to the list of cool people that use Sass.

I fell in love with Sass pretty much right away. I even found myself comfortable with using the command line to install and use it.

Soon after, I updated my github hosted website (for maybe the dozenth time), this time coding my styles with Sass. I also got rid of the resume style I had going on for the past month or so, and updated it with this fancy layout, featuring a photo from Unsplash. screenshot screenshot

It’s still pretty bare right now though, isn’t it? Creating a bio is still a bit awkward for me, and I’m not sure what projects are ‘good enough’ to showcase. Though, I suppose if they were good enough for my blog, they should be good enough for a some kind of portfolio.

Speaking of my blog, which is hosted on free, I’m now on to the WordPress Development track on Team Treehouse.

I already completed How To Make A Website With WordPress and The WordPress Codex a few months ago out of curiosity. Today, I got WordPress set up locally on my machine (which was kind of a headache, not gonna lie) and I’m ready to do this thing!

The WordPress Theme Development course is next for me. It covers taking a basic HTML/CSS/JS prototype and converting it into a WordPress theme. It also goes over responsive navigation, templates, custom post types, and widgets.

Unfortunately, now that I’ve moved, my WiFi usage is a little different (limited) and plugging away at videos isn’t the best plan of action for me. At first I was a bit bummed because once I get started on something, it’s really hard for me to stop. And, let’s be honest, I really love marathoning things on Hulu. But, this forces me to pace myself through the courses and will hopefully encourage me to play around a little bit more with what I’ve learned so that it sticks with me longer.

Maybe I’ll even find myself getting unplugged for some time!


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