Let’s Start Over. Hi, I’m Cerita….

Long time, no see!

As a short recap, a few months ago, I moved to Austin, TX and started a new job (and a new 90 minute evening commute).

Starting a new job came with learning a lot of info on the job about my job, the company, and the industry. I was a bit overwhelmed with so much happening at once and took an impromptu break, Then, I kept saying I would wait *until* before I got back into this. Until was taking too long, so I’m back now.

I’ll be resuming my education with Free Code Camp. If you don’t know what that is, it’s almost exactly what it sounds like: a free resource to learn full stack web development. HTML, CSS, Javascript, and even Computer Science-y stuff like algorithms.

The last time I used FCC was in April and it’s expanding a lot since then. I was about halfway through the list of challenges at that time, and now I think I’m maybe a quarter of the way through. It hasn’t been that long, but I’m super excited to get going again, even with the basics.

I will be blogging my way through all 800 hours of Free Code Camp, even as I recap things I’ve already done before.

See ya soon 🙂


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