Basic HTML5 and CSS? Check!

Free Code Camp launched less than a year ago and has expanded so much since I was active on it just in April. In fact, I don’t remember doing much with HTML and CSS at all when I initially signed up for the site. Then again, it may have been linked to Codecademy at the time, which I had already completed.

Better yet, this entire section is housed on the Free Code Camp site and you get to build a cute little Kitty app.

I honestly felt a tad bit annoyed that I had to start with the basics again. I had completed them last time I was on the site, as well as on other sites like Treehouse. I was thinking “Do I really have to do this again?” But, as I went along, I found myself looking at the “read more” hints offered to find out what I needed to do. Heck, I don’t remember using attr for any images I’ve used on my project sites outside of this blog.

Now that I’ve finished it and looked ahead at my map, I see that jQuery and JavaScript still show as finished sections for me. But I’m probably going to do them again anyway. Yes, they’re basics, but they’re the foundation on which I will build all further knowledge. Can’t hurt to relearn them, right?


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