Am I Hackathon Ready?!

I’ve seen folks on Twitter rave about attending Hackathons in the past and I’ve always thought “I want to be that cool!” Spending an entire weekend immersed in building a project sounds like fun.

And now I’ll have the opportunity to be one of the cool kids! This weekend, Women Who Code is hosting a Diversity Hackathon here in Austin, TX. And I signed up as a coder.

How does one know if they are hackathon ready? What have I actually gotten myself into? Based on the replies I got to that tweet, I’ll probably never feel “ready” which is probably the best reason to just do it.  What good is learning and practicing all of this if I’m always too scared to use it?

And, if I find out that I’m not ready, I’ll have a better idea of what I need to do to become ready next time an event like this comes up. It’s kind of like how I’ve gone to dance auditions, expecting to be cut, just to see what gaps I still have to fill in my training. I know that I’m a good dancer, but what do I need to improve to get me to the next level? If nothing else, it becomes a free dance class.

I’m pretty pumped to get this weekend started! The festivities start Friday night with a Happy Hour, where there will be project pitches and teams formed. I’m also excited to see a part of Austin I haven’t seen yet as well as meeting some new people. Look out for a recap of my weekend!

@heyitscerita is my main account, where I talk about a variety of things from Code to K-Pop choreography to Steven Universe.

@ceritadoesit is specifically related to this blog and its updates.


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