I followed my last thought from my previous post and, instead of spinning my wheels and staying stuck, I decided to do something new. This past weekend, I completed the Intro to AJAX course on Udacity.

I got to build a basic web app that allows the user to put in a potential future address, street and city. Then, I used Google Maps to load an image in the background for the address.And I used the New York Times and Wikipedia APIs to pull up articles relating to the specified city.

Screenshot 2016-02-27 13.52.39 (2).png

At the end of this course, I definitely didn’t find myself any closer to figuring out the Pomodoro Timer. I did, however, know exactly what project I could work on instead: a Local Weather App. For this app, the browser will ask the user for their location. Once they hit “allow,”  your location, current temperature, and current weather conditions display onscreen (if you deny, it should throw an error).

It’s not the most visually exciting app right now, but I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE IT FUNCTIONAL ALL BY MYSELF! BOOYAH!

I have used AJAX for another course in the past, but never quite got it. This time, I was able to navigate my way around the web (and my brain I guess) to get this working. Switching up my focus was incredibly helpful this past week, and probably one of the best ideas I’ve had lately.

Screenshot 2016-02-27 17.00.38


You can check out the current CodePen below!


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