Day ?????

Last you heard from me, I was in progress to complete that JavaScript 30 course.

I haven’t.

Initially, I was a bit ashamed to write a post admitting that I didn’t stick with my plan. I remembered, though, that this blog is about my learning experiences and this is one.

I completed 13 days of the course. But there were also other events in my life.

  • I flew home for the holidays and, despite my intention to code at least once a day, I spent far less time at my computer and a lot more time with family and friends  hadn’t seen in over a year.
  • I was recently promoted to a Business Analyst role at my current company.
    *Insert happy dance gif*
    I will be doing more process improvement and project management – both of which I see as extremely useful skills for a developer. Not to mention, I’ll be working with some SQL and have more involvement with web processes.
  • As much as I was being introduced to things with JS 30 (and the other resources I’ve been dabbling with), I still just felt *stuck* and couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I believe that the reason that I have been stuck is because I haven’t truly gone back and studied fundamentals of Computer Science. I didn’t exactly need to when my goal was to just build websites. But now that my focus has shifted toward web and software development, those gaps in knowledge are important to fill. Otherwise, I’ll continue to be perpetually frustrated and that doesn’t sound like a pleasant reality to live in.

I have started the CS5o course offered by Harvard/edX. It is designed as a 12 week course and serves as an introduction to CS topics like algorithms and data structures. It also introduces you to SQL, JavaScript, Python, and C languages.

I figured that if I am searching to fill in gaps, starting from the very beginning isn’t a bad idea. It is impossible to walk away without learning anything- I’ve never worked with C or Python before. At the very, very least, I will have those in my toolbox in the end. The ultimate goal is to walk away from this course feeling more confident in my abilities as a developer, and being ready to kick ass.

Keep rocking with me and stay tuned for CS50 updates.


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