Day 13


So far, so good!

I set my expectations for these first 2 weeks as increasing how much time I spend coding. Coming from a few months of nearly 0 times per week, I’m up to at least 4. Success!

Weekends are where I fell off which surprised me a little bit. Since I obviously have more time to code on the weekends, I thought my productivity would increase like it had previously. I found that it was actually harder to interrupt a day of doing nothing to do something that I kind of classified as “work” in my mind. To combat this, I will use weekends to focus on completing projects more so than courses. I still have plenty left on FreeCodeCamp and have a few ideas of my own.

Going Forward, I will also post an update every 5 days – specifically days ending in 0 and 5. I’ve mentioned this before, but writing has not only been fun, but beneficial in retaining information. Being able to talk about what I am doing in detail – in a way both techies and non-techies can understand is a skill I appreciate having and improving.

Goals for Day 15:

  • Complete JavaScript and the DOM (3 hours)




Day 1

Decided to start my own #100DaysOfCode starting today.

Dance season is over, which means more time to prioritize coding and learning and building and blogging. So here’s what’s happening:

  • Paused CS50.
    I feel as though I come off as indecisive and wishy-washy. I have enjoyed CS50 and will definitely complete it in the future. Learning a new programming language is exciting and I definitely benefited from trying something new, but it also reminded me that there’s still plenty to learn and build with JavaScript.
    Trial and error, folks.
  • Reactivated my Team Treehouse account.
    It has been over a year now since I last had an active account. I decided to reactivate it because I wanted a bit more structure than FreeCodeCamp or Udemy offered. Things like quizzes, tracks, suggested goals, and time estimates were appealing to me.
    I will be jumping into the Full Stack JavaScript track. Treehouse now gives the option to test out of courses, and I was able to test out of a couple of basic JS courses. I now have 32 hours left before I complete the track. At an hour a day, that’s only a bit over a month and just under 1/3 of my challenge.