Day 13


So far, so good!

I set my expectations for these first 2 weeks as increasing how much time I spend coding. Coming from a few months of nearly 0 times per week, I’m up to at least 4. Success!

Weekends are where I fell off which surprised me a little bit. Since I obviously have more time to code on the weekends, I thought my productivity would increase like it had previously. I found that it was actually harder to interrupt a day of doing nothing to do something that I kind of classified as “work” in my mind. To combat this, I will use weekends to focus on completing projects more so than courses. I still have plenty left on FreeCodeCamp and have a few ideas of my own.

Going Forward, I will also post an update every 5 days – specifically days ending in 0 and 5. I’ve mentioned this before, but writing has not only been fun, but beneficial in retaining information. Being able to talk about what I am doing in detail – in a way both techies and non-techies can understand is a skill I appreciate having and improving.

Goals for Day 15:

  • Complete JavaScript and the DOM (3 hours)




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