Day 20 (Pt 2)

I started the Object Oriented JavaScript course today and completed section 1, Introduction to Methods. We covered:

  • Objects
    • Methods – provides functionality of objects and may or may not return values.
    • Properties – stored data or state of an object
    • Keys – the name of a property
    • Values – the contents of a property
    • Native & Host objects

In this section, we also built the beginnings of a calculator which has given me an idea for my weekend project: update the code of my JS Calculator using a calculator object. Not only does it actually make a lot of sense, but I also think that my code will be cleaner and easier to read when re-organized this way.


Day 20

Goals for Day 15:

  • Complete JavaScript and the DOM (3 hours)
    Finished! It took me a few days longer than day 15, but I still feel good about it.



Goals for Day 25:

  • Complete Object Oriented JavaScript (2 hours)
  • Complete The Module Pattern In JavaScript (16 minutes)