Day 35 (Okay, it’s actually Day 37 but still…)

I think I’ve figured it out guys

I’ve been concerned for a while about getting stuck on projects, challenges, and even tutorials. It just felt like something wasn’t clicking for me and I wasn’t progressing.


There are plenty of people who think algorithm practice is completely useless. When I was looking for resources, the advice was typically “just build something.” That was my problem though – I was “just building something” and clearly missing something in the foundation. I tried switching up courses, switching up languages,

One of the videos I was watching reminded me of one of the Algorithm Scripting Challenges I had been stuck at on Free Code Camp. After working at it for some time, I had passed half of the requirements, but nothing I did got the other half to pass. So I Googled.

As I looked at other people’s code and FreeCodeCamp’s solutions, I realized that none of the solutions looked quite like mine. That’s not inherently a bad thing – there can be dozens of ways to solve one problem. The reason that it bothered me though was that the other solutions used methods I didn’t even think to use and/or had forgotten about. Then, I realized that while I could read the code, it was challenging for me to really interpret and understand it.

Light Bulb moment

When I got stuck on previous Algorithm challenges, I would refer back to challenges I had already passed for clues, or even the Basic JavaScript exercises. So, that’s what I did – I started opening up older scripting challenges to see if any of them were similar in nature. Next thing I knew, I started trying to solve them again. Suddenly, I knew exactly what I needed.

As a result, I’ve spent the past week or so practicing algorithms instead of finishing the course I had intended to finish. But, honestly, this is the most accomplished I’ve felt in the past 37 days.

Goals for Day 40:

  • Complete ES2015 – I am more than halfway done with this course (55 minutes left)  with a weekend ahead of me and it is 100% doable.
  • Complete 2 Algorithm challenges a day.
  • Research other resources to help keep up with Algorithm practice.
    I know that there are some “coding dojos” out there – I’ve used CodeWars this week. What’s your favorite? Which would you recommend?

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